10 Best Things You Have To Do in Batam Island Indonesia

When planning your trip to Batam, Indonesia, you should know what to do in the city. This beautiful place is located in the Riau Islands province of
10 Best Things To Do in Batam Island Indonesia

When planning your trip to Batam, Indonesia, you should know what to do in the city. This beautiful place is located in the Riau Islands province of Indonesia.

This city has a large urban area, but you can also take a day trip and explore the surrounding island areas.

In addition to the Batam city center, there are many small islands you can visit, too. Here are some tips for your visit to Batam.

1. Visit Bintan Island

10 Best Things To Do in Batam Island Indonesia

Located in the Riau Archipelago in Indonesia, Bintan Island is a convenient boat ride from Singapore. The northern Lagoi region is home to upscale resorts, championship golf courses, secluded beaches, and water sports.

A less developed coastal strip, the Trikora strip, is more rural and offers less tourist infrastructure and fewer hotels. The historic trading port of Tanjung Pinang is a fascinating historical and cultural treasure.

The locals and tourists will find Bintan's restaurants to be a wonderful experience. Most of the resorts offer delicious Indonesian cuisine, which is fresh and delicious. You'll also be able to sample some local foods, such as keropok.

You'll also find plenty of opportunities to purchase souvenirs, including keropok and traditional Bintan costumes. Alternatively, you can browse the large shopping centers in Pujasera Township.

While there are a variety of activities to enjoy on Bintan, the island is primarily a relaxing place to relax and take in the scenery. Its proximity to the Equator made it a popular trading destination.

Sunset in Bintan Bridge

The tropical climate and beautiful white beaches of Bintan make it a top choice for tourists. While you're in the area, you can check out the history of Bintan. There's plenty of information on the island's past and present.

Visitors can experience the rich history of the region at the ancient Buddhist temples in Senggarang. The oldest of these is the Sun Te Kong Temple, which dates back to the early 19th century. It is believed that a wealthy Chinese man was buried there.

The temple has seen a recent revival in popularity among devotees, but the location remains unspoiled. A visit to Bintan is an unforgettable experience.

2. The Cable Ski Park Batam

Cable Ski batam

The CableSki Park is a great place to try this exciting activity. You can also play basketball and mahjong. 

After a day on the water, you can relax by eating a delicious meal. Or if you're looking for quieter activities, golf might be right for you. Local golf clubs offer training for the sport, and the island is surrounded by nature. This is the ideal location for a trip to Batam.

3. Shoping in Batam

If you love shopping, you can head to the wet markets. Located in the heart of the city, these markets are bustling with tourists and locals alike. You'll find lots of souvenirs at reasonable prices. Don't forget to pick up some kueh lapis - a traditional snack that is made from eggshells. While you're on the island, you should definitely try some of the fresh seafood.

4. Penyengat Island

10 Best Things You Have To Do in Batam Island Indonesia

A visit to the secluded Penyengat Island is a must when visiting Batam Island. Taking two hours to explore it is a great way to spend your afternoon. It's also a beautiful location to watch the sunset.

And don't forget to pay a visit to the Masjid Kuning mosque, which is known as the Yellow Mosque because of its yellow color. While there, you can see how the people of Batam live, as this is a traditional fishing village.

5. Anambas Island

10 Best Things You Have To Do in Batam Island Indonesia

While there, you can also visit the Anambas Islands. This group of islands was named CNN Asia's Best Tropical Island in 2013. It's home to a protected turtle species and sandy beaches lined with coconut trees.

If you're looking for a more tranquil atmosphere, you should consider visiting the Anambas Islands. The Anambas Island is located about 30 minutes from Batam. You can also visit other areas of the island, such as Yokohama, which is situated just to the west of Batam.

A visit to Batam's many beaches is essential for tourists. You can spend your days shopping, relaxing on the beach, or taking part in the cultural activities. If you're looking for a quieter, more laid-back environment, you might want to stay in the island's city. It's the perfect place to spend the day and explore the surrounding areas. Once you're here, you'll be glad you did.

Getting an official PADI certificate is an excellent way to experience the island's diverse culture. It's also an inexpensive way to acquire the necessary knowledge for a career in the diving industry.

Aside from getting a certification, you can also participate in various recreational activities. There are several things to do in Batam, including shopping for souvenirs. For example, you can learn to dive in the local wet markets.

6. Visit Coastal Backwaters

Visiting the coastal backwaters is another popular activity. You can circle the island in about two hours. The waters are littered with jetsams and rancid smells.

The island is a mixture of modernization, commercialization, and poverty, but there are still plenty of opportunities to experience the island's culture and history. You can also do some shopping in the city. If you have time, you can even take a boat trip to Penyengat Island.

7. Enjoy Seafood in Nongsa

10 Best Things You Have To Do in Batam Island Indonesia

If you love seafood, you must try the local seafood in Batam. Nongsa Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Batam. It's a good spot to enjoy a sunset dinner. Although the city has many restaurants, you'll find that the food here is better than in most of the other Southeast Asian cities. There are also several places to shop in the city, such as the Golden City.