10 Powerful Benefits of the Habit of Writing! No. 1 will Make You Surprised

Here are 10 powerful benefits of the habit of writing that you may not have known. The Proverb goes that the pen is sharper than the sword, there is

10 Powerful Benefits of the Habit of Writing.

"The Proverb goes that the pen is sharper than the sword. There is no doubt about this saying."

Just look at the history of our nation's independence. When ethical politics is applied and young people become good at writing, that's where the seeds of nationalism grow.

The problem nowadays is, American people's interest in writing continues to decrease.

Eroded by technology-driven culture for instant pleasures like hours of playing online games or scrolling through social media.

One way of dealing with this problem is to buzz about the benefits of writing. Yeah, just trying to guess, after knowing the benefits of writing, a lot of people will become interested in writing.

So, what are the benefits of writing?

Here are 10 powerful benefits of the habit of writing that you may not have known.

1. Prevent Excessive Daydreaming

Not a few people have the habit of daydreaming. Some like to imagine themselves doing various things, some make various stories in their heads.

Although exciting, daydreaming is an activity that can harm you. Even if it is excessive, daydreaming is pathological and must be addressed immediately.

One way to overcome this is to write. For example, you write a fictional story that you have been imagining. You may become a famous fiction writer because of that imagination.

2. Pouring Opinions to Your Heart

The benefit of writing that also cannot be ignored is that it makes someone feel relieved. How come? Because by writing you can pour out all your worries.

You can write an opinion about chaotic social conditions, outpouring after a boyfriend broke up, to anxiety about the future

Writing will also make you more aware of what you really feel and think. Because in this activity, you have to reflect on what is really in your head.

This benefit is the most important for you who feel that there are no friends to talk. Or you are often feeling lonely even though you have many friends.

So instead of complaining or lamenting the situation, you better write.

3. Recovering from a Traumatic Event

The benefits of writing not only relieve the mind. But also turn out traumatic things. The American psychology institute, the APA (American Psychology Association) has confirmed this theory.

They published articles containing the benefits of writing in healing one's mental stress. Include being able to boost the immune system in those who have had a traumatic experience.

Because in the end, a healthy mind will have an impact on a healthy body. So, writing can also be considered an immune booster activity.

4. Make Money

Writing is not just a hobby. Even, not a few people write for a living. For example, J.K Rowling.

J. K Rowling is a professional fiction writer. Although she did not immediately achieve success, by being professional at this job, she is now one of the women with abundant wealth.

Apart from Rowling, many writers rely on this work for a living. Indeed, not all of them end up with abundant wealth, but quite a lot of people can live well from this profession.

Call it bloggers. How many bloggers at home or abroad whose income is not less than employees.

5. Getting Appreciation

Appreciation is an acknowledgment of one's abilities. Getting appreciation is certainly a fun thing, including for people who like to write.

Just imagine, you've just written a popular science article that requires complicated data. You analyze that data and then simplify it to produce crisp, evocative writing.

When finally your writing is appreciated, of course, you will feel very happy. Your struggle not only pays off, but you also get recognition as a quality writer.

6. Make Your Mind Clearer

Writing can also make your mind clearer. Because certain writings require introspection and reflection from the author.

For example, you are feeling depressed with the current situation. You have just been laid off due to the pandemic and a younger sibling has COVID-19.

Confusion overwhelms your mind. Even though you are still in foreign lands and cannot return to your hometown. This confusion, although not to blame, will not solve the problem.

You also try to calm yourself by writing. You pour out all the worries that are in your head.

The process requires you to explore how you feel. This will make you more clear in seeing the situation so that you can make the right decision.

7. Improve Logical Mind

Writing can also sharpen the mind to be more logical. Because writing, whether fiction or non-fiction, requires common sense and a good line of thinking.

For example, you want to write a novel in the colonial era. You must be able to build a colonial feel in the setting of the place to the speaking style of the characters.

Otherwise, your novel will be considered strange. Desperate to publish the novel will make you the object of ridicule in society.

8. Improve Concentration

Writing is an activity that requires high concentration. Because when writing, you have to choose the right diction, arrange the flow of writing, and convey a clear message.

These three things make you concentrate in earnest. Especially if what is written is a complicated theme that needs a lot of references.

By getting used to concentrate, you will not easily go senile and avoid easily failing to focus. Plus, you can also be more confident in facing the rigors of everyday life.

9. Receive Feedback When Posts Are Published

Maybe you are a person who is critical of social issues so you are often compelled to have an opinion.

When you write down your opinion and publish it, you will not only feel satisfied, you know. You can also get other benefits of writing, namely getting feedback.

Feedback is all responses in the form of criticism, suggestions, to disagreements. Feedback can make you learn from mistakes.

And of course, it's great for your writing career as long as you.

10. Gaining Connections Between Writers

Last but not least, you can also get connections with fellow writers. Not all writers can really get this benefit.

Because some writers choose to use a pseudonym and never open up about who they are.

But if you are comfortable hanging out, a community of writers is ready to welcome you. They can be comrades in arms, colleagues who provide criticism, to help you in difficult times.


Technically, writing is simply stringing together letter by letter and word by word. Even so, this activity has many benefits than spending time with useless things.

So what are you waiting for? Let's start writing right now! You can write fiction stories, books, or knowledge that you have on a blog.

Source: Dribble