7 Best Reason Why To Consider A Vegetarian Lifestyle Immediately

Why are people turning to a vegetarian lifestyle? Is it the ethical choice for people who are just opposed to the killing of animals purely for food?
7 Best Reason Why To Consider A Vegetarian Lifestyle Immediately

Why are people turning to a vegetarian lifestyle? Is it the ethical choice for people who are just opposed to the killing of animals purely for food? Is it positive choice to take the healthy option and in doing so help preserve the Earth’s natural resources and sustain the environment.

The truth is the single most important thing an individual can do to improve their health and surroundings whilst maintaining a humanitarian stance regarding the killing of innocent animals is to adopt a vegetarian diet.

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1. Reduce The Risk Of The No1 Killer Disease, Heart Disease.

Vegetarians have been shown to have a 25% lower risk of contracting heart disease than their meat-eating counterparts and due to their diet consisting of lower levels of saturated fats and cholesterol combined with a higher intake of plant steroids not only can vegetarians avoid heart disease but the benefits of a low-fat meat-free diet can actually reverse coronary heart disease in some cases.

2. You Will Live Longer

It is generally believed that plant based diets that are rich in anti-oxidants, fiber, minerals and vitamins not only strengthen the immune system but by increasing the prevention of chronic disease it would seem to be a foregone conclusion that the lifespan of a vegetarian could be up to 12 years longer than those with a carnivorous diet.

Put simply if you adapt your diet to cut out meat, eat more fish and fill your plates with healthy fiber full vegetables not only will you live longer but your quality of life will be greater. Live longer and healthier? Why wouldn’t you want this for yourself?

3. Increase Your Energy Levels

Balanced vegetarian diets that are based on herbaceous plants, whole grains, fruit and vegetables are supplying the body with a high level of complex carbohydrates and in doing so are fueling the body with high energy fuel.

By replacing animal products that are known to clog up arteries and raise cholesterol you can vastly increase your energy levels leading to a more active lifestyle. Wake up in the morning with elevated levels of vitality and the world will seem a brighter place!

Your work will benefit from your new vitality, your family will notice and welcome the change in you and you will even notice an increase in your sex drive!

4. Lose Weight And Keep It Off

On average non-meat-eaters have a lower body mass index than carnivores. By consuming a fiber-rich diet that is supplemented with low energy foods such as fruit and vegetables combined with avoidance of fatty animal produce this will lead naturally to a lower measure of body fat.

A vegetarian diet also enables weight loss without calorie counting and without hunger pangs, follow a low-fat vegetarian diet and chances are you can achieve significant weight loss and keep that weight off in the future.

5. Help End World Hunger

The global production of grain that is fed purely to maintain livestock is, on average, 40%. In more prosperous countries this can be as high as 70%. If the grain produced to supply animal feed were fed directly to humans it would mean that the increase to the world’s supply of food would be increased by 70%. This would produce enough food to feed over 3.5 billion additional people.

If the crops produced solely to feed livestock were fed directly to people rather than cycled through animals it would greatly impact on the fact that in today’s world every 4 seconds someone will die from starvation. Regrettably children under the age of 5 accounts for the bulk of this shocking statistic.

6. Show Compassion For Animals

Farmed animals have no legal protection from cruelty that would be deemed illegal if inflicted on our domestic animals, such as cats and dogs.

Animals raised in today’s factory farmed environments are often crammed into inhumane surroundings, windowless sheds filled with wire cages, metal crates and other such inhumane means of storage. These animals will often never raise their young, build nests or do any of the activities that would come naturally to them in the wild.

Cows that are bred purely for food will be branded at an early age, cruelly castrated and de-horned, all without the aid of painkillers. Once they have reached a certain weight the male cows will then be sent to often filthy feedlots where they will be fattened purely for slaughter.

Female cows are repeatedly artificially impregnated to promote milk production and then cruelly separated, prematurely, from their young until their bodies are unable to produce calves anymore and they are sent for slaughter.

A vegetarian lifestyle encourages a warmer, more compassionate way of thinking and can guide us to a kinder society in which we choose to cherish and protect animals and prevent the exploitation of them by the farming factory industry.

7. Enjoy A More Diverse Colorful Cuisine

Vegetarians Menus

By embracing a vegetarian menu, you open up your palate to a huge array of healthy alternatives. Nut butters, such as peanut butter, sunflower seed butter and almond butter, provide great health benefits as nuts are packed full of anti-oxidants and a great addition to your daily food.

There are so many meat substitutes on the market, such as veggie burgers and sausages, so no need to miss out on your favorite BBQ food.

Soy foods like tofu are readily available in local outlets. When you include a varied range of vegetables and fruits into your diet you introduce health enhancing phytochemicals to your immune system.

The colors of your food indicate the types of nutrients they bring to the table so by filling your plate with tasty, brightly colored produce your food will not only be pleasing to the eye but also your health!

A vegetarian lifestyle is now so readily available it is difficult to come up with reasons not to embrace it. The health benefits, the moral aspect of refusing to encourage factory farmed produce and the positive changes it can have on your weight. Even when eating out it is so straightforward to choose a meat-free life!

Most fast food outlets now provide vegetarian choices and when visiting ethnic eateries, you will be blown away by the extensive choices that are tasty, healthy and, on the whole, a little less expensive! So, treat your body and your budget and go veggie!!