Why do Tesla, Google, and Netflix not Require Bachelor's in their Job Vacancies?

Giant high-tech companies such as Tesla, Google, Netflix, and Apple now no longer require college degrees to register for their job vacancies
Why do Tesla, Google, and Netflix not Require Bachelor's in their Job Vacancies?

Giant high-tech companies such as Tesla, Google, Netflix, and Apple now no longer require college degrees to register for the job vacancies they provide.

You don't need an undergraduate degree to join us, says Elon Musk, founder of Tesla. As long as you have excellent skills in the job we need, please register. 

We won't see if you have an undergraduate or high school graduate. We don't care about this academic degree, what is more, important is that you are proven to have strong SKILLS (proven skills).

That was the announcement that Elon Musk had released. HR managers at Google and Tesla as well as Apple also said the same thing. One now no longer needs to pass Bachelor to be able to register as highly capable employees at these leading companies.

Does that mean that the Bachelor's degree and diploma will become even more irrelevant in this era of the Industrial Revolution 4.0? Is an undergraduate degree really something "over-rated"?

The problem may be that a large number of undergraduate graduates do not have the qualifications that meet expectations. Officials in highly competitive industries need new employees with proven skills and "ready to use".

Unfortunately, the curriculum in undergraduate colleges is designed to prioritize theory and conceptual understanding, so that most graduates lack practical skills that are ready to use.

Thus, then there is an opinion that says that Bachelor graduates have too much theory but do not understand applicable skills, so in the end many are unemployed. However, this opinion is also less accurate.

Study for bachelor's degree mostly theory? 

What happens is the opposite: nowadays many undergraduate graduates do not understand the theory at all or have very weak mastery of theory. 

For example, what is the average scientific book read by bachelor graduates in the country, during the four or five years of study? 50, 100, or 400 scientific book titles? Maybe not even 50.

This kind of very poor literacy provision will almost certainly create Bachelor graduates who have minimal mastery of theory. 

Ideally, every undergraduate graduate must read and review a minimum of 200 scientific book titles for 4 years of study, before being allowed to graduate.

So what finally happened was a deadly combination: the theoretical mastery was empty (because I was lazy to read scientific books during college), plus the provision of applied skills was also nil. As a result, the bachelor's degree that he is proud of is also worth noting. 

So it's only natural that Elon Musk doesn't need them.

As a solution, Google has introduced an "alternative education method" in the form of Google Certificates. In this program, a person gets training and education for only 6 months, but full practice. So the goal is really to equip someone with PROVEN SKILLS. 

Not with a blank diploma like Bachelor's.

Anyone can also enroll in the program, even if only high school or even junior high school graduates. Google doesn't care what kind of education. 

What is important, they are willing to learn to master certain skills. Currently, Google Certificates are only available for Android App Development, UX Design, Data Analytics, and Project Management skills as well as IT Support.

After 6 months of graduation, they can use the certificate to apply for work at Google, and even many companies in America are willing to accept it. Because these Google Certificates graduates are indeed proven to have the SKILLS that the market needs.

I imagine solutions like Google Certificates should also be adopted in Indonesia. Provide training and education that focus on mastering skills that produce, with a duration of 6 months, but FULL practice.

Apart from the types of IT skills such as Android App, UX Design, or programming, several other skills can also be taught applicatively. Examples of various hot skills that are now increasingly needed include:

  • Amazon Selling Skill
  • Online Copywriting
  • Facebook Advertising
  • Tiktok Marketing
  • Youtube Content Creation Skills
  • Blogging for Money Skills
  • Google Search Engine Skills
  • Culinary Business Skills

Thus, during 6 months of full practice, a person focuses on choosing one type of skill he wants to master. The teachers are, of course, proven practitioners. 

For example, guest lecturers teaching Shopee Selling Skills are STAR Sellers whose turnover has reached USD 100.000 / month. 

Or those who teach the Blogging for Money course are legendary bloggers who have earned hundreds of millions to billions of income from blogging activities.

The tuition fee for 6 months of full practice may be between USD $100 - $10,000 only. 

But after graduating, it is guaranteed that the graduates will definitely master proven and productive SKILLS (exactly like the Google Certificates concept which has proven successful in producing skillful graduates). 

Everyone can also enroll in the program, even if only high school or even junior high school graduates.

I imagine that graduates of the local program, a la Google Certificates for 6 months, will be able to produce graduates who are more READY to earn MONEY, compared to S1 graduates who study for 4 years, at a much higher cost. 

Currently, the average tuition fee at USD $ 26,000 - $46,000 to study for 8 semesters, not to mention admission and boarding fees.

On the other hand, this 6-month full practice certificate program is a great solution for high school graduates who do not have the money to continue their undergraduate studies. 

At an affordable cost, all of them can register for this program, and then be trained for 6 months spartan, to master APPLICATIVE SKILLS. This kind of alternative education method, I believe, will be better able to equip them to earn a living independently in the future.

In the era of the digital economy boom like now, perhaps what is more needed is PROVEN SKILLS which can generate income directly. 

Not a piece of Bachelor or diploma, but the head is empty.