Understanding the Importance of Landing Page Designing as the Lead Generator

The importance landing pages has increased multifold because of changing the behavior of online buyers who want the quick and precise information

The importance landing pages has increased multifold because of changing the behavior of online buyers who want the quick, precise and accurate information in minimum clicks. The perfectly designed landing page converts all the invested efforts and skills into leads with high conversion potential by serving the desired information with a call to action (CTA) convenience.

However, the numbers of digital marketing agency don’t pay as much attention to the importance of creating product/service specific landing pages; therefore, a major percentage of first time visitors land at home page instead of particular landing page and the required surfing often drifts the visitors to other sources. Can you afford to let your potential buyer drift to a competitors’ website?

Almost 44% of total clicks on B2B business websites direct the visitors to a homepage, not to a special landing page.

Brief about Landing Page

The landing page is a standalone web page, distinct from the homepage, designed to convert the visitors into potential leads that you can follow. It is created for a single purpose; therefore, businesses need multiple landing pages for different purposes.

The landing page has a piece of information collecting form to capture the visitors’ information in exchange for the desired information. According to a HubSpot study, “Marketers see almost 55% increment in leads by increasing the number of landing pages from 10-15.”  

How a Landing Page Works:

A visitor fills the landing page form because he believes the content valuable, up to the purpose, good in quality and usable for further action. On the other side, the marketer gets the information of the visitor to invest additional efforts to convert the potential. Here are four basic ways of how a landing page works:

1: The visitor sees call-to-action buttons but ends up filling a form

2: The form converts the visit into a lead.

3: The shared information in the form is stored in a database for future follow-ups.

4: The database contacts are explored to convert the leads into sales opportunities.

Nine Must-Have Elements To Generate Leads From Landing Page:  

1. Compelling headline

The headline of a web page is the first thing that catches the attention of visitors. A compelling headline prevents visitors from drifting immediately because of not finding the content interested. Informative, encouraging, convincing, & compelling headline keeps the visitors stay longer to understand why he should deal with you.

2. Clarity of landing page content

Keep the content brief and point to point. Explain the product or service details with advantages leaving organizations scope for question or ambiguity about the organization or product/service.

3. Relevancy of served information

The visitor lands at your landing page after being redirected from your ad’s promise or through back-link at a post. The landing page must have the ‘relevant to backlink’ message/information that the visitor expects.

4. Address the visitor’s concerns

Despite finding all the information on the landing page, the visitor still may have some questions. Therefore, the landing page must have a functioning backlinks to address his concerns immediately. 

5. Effective copy

A persuasive copy is must to convey the message effectively and convince the visitor to act. For example, the product’s benefits should be highlighted with competitive advantages. The content volume should be precise but there is no book rule for the landing page content volume; it depends upon the purpose, needs, and nature. 

The content should be customer-centric. Takeaway: The words like new, improved, cutting-edge, and innovative, etc have lost the importance for the modern age buyers. Use of bullet points, bold copy, numerals, lists, italics, etc helps you get more leads.

6. Engaging media

Videos on post-click landing pages are more effective than the images. Almost 58% of visitors consider the brands more trustworthy than produce videos. Takeaway: The average time at landing page containing video is almost 6 minutes, while the average visit time on the landing page with text & images is only 43 seconds.

7. Trust indicators

The trust indicators like statistical evidence, customer testimonials, trust badges, privacy policy, star rating, authority certificates, third-party seals, etc build the visitor’s confidence to interact. 

8. Lead capture form

The lead capture form is the ticket to sale; therefore, it should be designed professionally. You must capture only the purpose-oriented information; therefore, the form should be small and simple without asking for much personal information. 

The form should be placed at a proper location. Takeaway: Using a CTA button that pops -up to a box with the form is the smart practice to keep the visitor more comfortable during the stay. Let the visitor be informed, convinced and interested, then, take him to the form.

9. CTA buttons

The landing page without CTA buttons is almost of no use; these should be visible. Using white space to make CTA buttons attention-drawing is a good practice. 

Using contrast colors to highlight the CTA buttons is also a good practice. Instead of using the words like “Submit,” “Sign up,” “Download” or “Subscribe,” use the new generation words like “start”, “my”, “free” etc.

Seven Tips to Improve Landing Page Leads Conversion into Sales:

1.      Simplify to request for a free quote

2.      Offer a free product catalog

3.      Highlight free trial scheme

4.      Provide ‘How-To’ guide free

5.      Request for newsletter sign up

6.      Offer exclusive membership for privilege discounts

7.      Offer rewards for referring the friends

Concluding Note

Understanding how your users behave is the key to succeed in. Each click that you get your landing page is important; and, it needs your best efforts to be converted into sales. 

Landing page designing is a specific skill; therefore, hire the web designing agency with proven expertise in creating the performing landing pages for renowned brands in diverse sectors. 

Making changes in landing pages is a periodic process because you need to update the pages according to the trending keywords; therefore, outsourcing landing page designing service exclusively is trending fast.