The 5 Most Powerful Types of Habits to Change Your Future Direction

Good habit or habit is the smallest and at the same time the most fundamental element in shaping the future of our life.So what kinds of habits ?
The 5 Most Powerful Types of Habits to Change Your Future Direction

Good habit or habit is the smallest and at the same time the most fundamental element in shaping the future of our life.

"I can predict the long-term outcome of your success if you show me your daily habits.

I can predict your future - just show me your daily habits. So says management expert John Maxwell.

So what kinds of habits are appropriate for us to live regularly and consistently for the sake of an epic future?

Once again, this habit has a very massive impact on changes in the destiny of life.

Why is that? Because we repeat this habit every day. A good habit, no matter how small, if it is practiced every day without stopping, will have a powerful accumulative impact.

For example, for someone who has the habit of walking every morning for 3KM, accumulatively, it is as if he is walking for 90 KM every month. Another example: a person who reads 5 pages of a book every night, accumulatively in a month he can read 150 pages, and in a year he can finish reading a total of 1800 book pages.

Small steps but if done repeatedly it will have a very powerful impact.

The principle of action consistency also applies when we undergo bad habits.

If we are CONSISTENT in living a bad habit, then slowly, often without realizing it, a very significant impact will emerge on the fate of our life.

For example, we often subconsciously have a habit of scrolling through our cellphones for various content that are of no use at all for improving skills. Every day we spend time in front of the cellphone screen. Okay, a day or two is fine. 

But imagine, this bad habit is done CONSISTENTLY EVERY DAY, repeating itself over the years. The accumulative effect on our fate will be very powerful.

If habits have such a big impact on our future, then what kinds of habits should be followed daily?

The following is a sample of the five most fundamental types of good habits and is worthy of starting a journey to change your destiny slowly, day by day, and then create a massive "snowball effect" for your success.

Habit # 1: Habit Move the Body (exercise).

These are kinds of habits that are cheap, yet hundreds of scientific studies show these habits are a key pillar of our future success.

Having sports habits doesn't just make your body fit. What is also important and surprising is that diligent exercise or exercise will keep our nerve cells sharp and here it is: makes us more resilient or resilient in consistently performing actions.

And one more hidden benefit of sports habits: if we already have these habits, it turns out that it will be easier for us to form other good habits in various aspects of life. 

Researchers call this phenomenon a "Spillover Habit" - that is, your exercise habits will make your nerve cells addicted to doing a variety of other good habits. Amazing isn't it?

So, start your small exercise habit. Whatever type you prefer, it can be walking, running, yoga, riding, or swimming. The important thing is to do it regularly, at least 3 times a week, thank God it can be every day. Better short duration, but routine, than long duration but only once a week.

Before the pandemic, my sports habit was swimming 4 times a week. 

During the pandemic, I was a little afraid of going to the pool, so now my sporting habit is to walk for 30 minutes every morning at 6 o'clock. 

I feel it has a good effect on my fitness and it also makes me able to consistently write a book every day (a job that drains mental energy. and thoughts).

Habits # 2: Self-Learning Habit

The second good habit that is also very important is to continue to consistently carry out the learning process independently, for the sake of improving skills. Habit forms can vary, for example by regularly reading books, being diligent in listening to powerful learning videos on Youtube or being diligent about listening to inspiring podcasts.

Ideally, this learning process is always accompanied by the habit of doing the action; so the material that has been studied is put into practice. This is a very effective self-learning process because the learning by doing method is proven to be the best method for improving skills.

Perform this habit at the same time each day. For example, every day I always regularly read books for 1 hour after dinner. 

My reading habits are very helpful for me when I write books or when compiling presentation materials; So the habit of reading this book is immediately practiced in other actions.

Start this self-learning habit. Allocate a minimum of 30 minutes each day to learn to improve your skills. Because if you can stick to this self-learning habit consistently, it's guaranteed that your future will be happier.

Remember: many people spend 3 hours in front of the cellphone screen without being noticed. However, when asked to spend just 30 minutes each day on a self-learning, they always provide an excuse for slipping. 

Such people are guaranteed a stagnant life and slowly sink into painful sorrow.

Habit # 3: Spirituality Habit

The third habitat which is also very fundamental is the habit of performing various spiritual rituals which we should do consistently. As a Muslim, some habits or rituals that are worth pursuing include praying Tahajud every night, dhikr and meditation every Fajr, or reading the Qur'an and its translation every day.

Spiritual practices should be used as a habit in our life. Because if we succeed in making it a habit, then our life will feel more complete.

THERE are the three types of habits that are the most fundamental and most determine the future of our life success. We will discuss two other types of habits in next week's issue.

In today's presentation, it is sufficient to focus on the following 3 habits:

  1. Exercise Habit
  2. Self-Learning Habit
  3. Spirituality Habit

Once again, if we can carry out the above three kinds of habits, wow, our future will be even more shocking.

The question is: what is a powerful and practical strategy so that we can successfully undergo these 3 POWERFUL HABITS?