ClickBank Alternatives – Mini Clickbank Guide – How to Research Products Like The Pro

If you are anything like me when I started with internet marketing, you feel like you need a guide for everything – a ClickBank guide How to Research

clikbank alternative

ClickBank is actually one of the largest affiliate marketing network around the world.

But They are a lot of kind similiar things like ClickBank did. Here is a number of them:


PayDotCom is another great affiliate alternative. You can promote your products also earn commissions in the market, many products of big brands are there in PayDotCom. You can track your sales, get banners and links to promote right from the dashboard.


ShareASale is a good alternative to ClickBank. You can get a lot of products to have ShareASale market, there are different types of products are available as different Pay Per Click, Pay Per Lead, Pay Per Sale, etc. Overall a very good affiliate network. The only thing is that they pay by direct deposit.

Commission Junction

Commission Junction also is known as the God of affiliate marketing where you can get any type of product promotion. They have a huge amount of available offers include free phone call too!


Bluesnap is very similar to ClickBank, but with a slightly different interface. It consists of many digital products and more.

ClickBank alternative than simply let us know your views in the below comments?

Mini Clickbank Guide – How to Research Products Like The Pros

If you are anything like me when I started with internet marketing, you feel like you need a guide for everything – a ClickBank guide, a backlinking guide, a WordPress guide… 

I have come to find though, that complete guides can be costly, and it can be a pain in the butt to find the information that you are looking for in a 100+ page guide. 

[one_half_last][callout]What Is Clickbank Gravity? Clickbank uses gravity as a way to show how many affiliates are successfully promoting a product. They use a secret formula, so a gravity of 200 does not mean that 200 affiliates are promoting a product.

What gravity does is shows the number of affiliates that are making sales. The higher the number, the more products are selling and the higher the competition.[/callout][/one_half_last]

So, How Do You Choose A Product?

First, make sure that you have chosen a niche (see my post on choosing your top niche here).  For product research, I like to use a website called Clickbank Analytics.  It is free and gives you access to a lot more information than simply using the ClickBank marketplace. 

So, where do we start?  Open up Clickbank Analytics in a new window and I’ll walk you through it.

Step 1. Click Categories

Click the Categories tab in the head left of that screen.  This will open up a new page.

Step 2. Select Your Niche As A Sub Category

Since you have already selected a niche, this part is pretty easy.  Choose the subcategory that your niche would fall under.  They do not list every niche by name, so you may have to search a bit to find your niche.  But rest assured, if ClickBank sells it, it will show up on ClickBank analytics.

Another note here.  There is a number in parentheses next to each sub-category.  This shows the number of products that show up in that category.  So, if the category that you think your niche falls under has (0) next to it, you will need to keep looking. 

Notice in the picture that Computing & Internet shows 0 results, where Computers/Internet shows 299 results.  Keep looking and you will find the right sub-category.

Step 3. Sort By Gravity (Descending)

gravity descending1 Mini Clickbank Guide   How to Research Products Like The Prowse

Will be looking for products with a gravity of between 50 and 125.  This seems to be the sweet spot for products, especially for a new marketer.  This range, for the most part, still has good converting sales copy, but gets you away from competing against all of the big boys with their gigantic email lists and endless traffic.

You will probably have to scroll down a few pages to get to the products that have gravity in our desired range.  When you reach the range, start looking at what the products are, and see if you find something that sounds interesting to you. 

Pay no attention to the bragging that goes on in the descriptions.  All of the products are the highest converting on ClickBank.  As you read the descriptions, try to find something that interests you because it is always easier to promote something that you find interesting.

You will also note that under gravity is a box called EPS/Rebill.  EPS stands for earning per sale, and rebill is what customers are charged each month that they continue with the product (a subscription). 

This is very important information as it tells you how much you will make each sale.  But, as a new internet marketer, don’t even pay attention to it.

It is too easy to get sucked into trying to sell products with a high EPS.  It can be a tie-breaker if you are deciding between two products, but for right now we are looking for products that sell.  It doesn’t matter how much you make per sale if you are not selling any products!

Step 4. Look Closer At Products That Interest You

As you click on products that interest you, you will be taken to a page that gives more information about the product.  Really, all I want you to look at on this page is the gravity graph.  I’ll show you three examples and tell you what you are looking for.  First, let’s start with a bad example.

Bad Gravity Graph

gravity bad Mini Clickbank Guide   How to Research Products Like The Pros

You will notice that the current gravity is within our range, but notice that it was much higher recently.  In September it was at a high of over 500!  And it has been steadily decreasing ever since.  You do not want to promote a product that is decreasing steadily because it means that affiliates are not having as much success in promoting the product.  There could be a lot of returns, the market could be saturated, or the commission could have changed – it doesn’t matter why the gravity is decreasing.  Just run away from the sinking ship!

Good Gravity Graph #1

gravity ok Mini Clickbank Guide   How to Research Products Like The Pros

You will notice that this product had a very rapid rise before it evened out within our range.  For the past two weeks, it has been steady which is a very good sign and makes this a desirable product.  You will also notice that this is a new product. 

This can be a good or a bad thing (see the chart above for the negative).  It is great to get to a product relatively early when there are still keywords and domain names available.  But, you run the risk that it is going to be a short term success like the product above. 

What I like about the product above is that it does have two weeks of steady gravity which gives me hope that it will be a long-lasting product.  Now it is time to take a look at the actual website to see what it looks like.

Are the sales copy well written?  Does it capture your interest?  Do you feel tempted to buy it?  If you answer yes to all three of those questions, this is a good product to promote.  Find a couple of keywords and domain name and build yourself a website!

Good Gravity Graph #2

gravity good1 Mini Clickbank Guide   How to Research Products Like The Pros

This is the kind of graph that I look for.  The slow and steady increase over the last two months means that this is a stable product.  Again, look at the website and ask the same three questions as above. 

One thing to keep in mind about more established products such as this one is that it can sometimes be harder to find keywords with low competition and domain names available. Before you decide to promote, make sure that you can find keywords and a domain.

This is a mini Clickbank guide shows how I find products to promote.  In my opinion, there are four things that a product must have if I am going to bother to promote it.

  • The look for products that interest me
  • The best look for gravity between 50 and 125
  • look for consistent gravity over time
  • I look for well-written sales copy

When I find all four of those in a product, I know that I have found a product that I can be successful with.  I hope that you have the same success that I have with this system.