5 Indicators of Success in Someone's Career Journey

What are the true indicators of success to measure a person's career path? On this sunny morning, we will examine 5 indicators of success !!!
5 Indicators of Success in Someone's Career Journey

For office workers who work passionately every day from 8 to 5 in the afternoon (sometimes until 9 in the evening), a successful career is one of the determinations to be embraced.

What are the true indicators of success to measure a person's career path? On this sunny morning, we will examine 5 indicators of success that are worthy of being applied to assess a person's career success.

Let's explore one by one these 5 indicators while accompanied by a breakfast of chicken porridge while stirring until it's evenly distributed.

Success Indicator # 1: Job Level

This first indicator is the most obvious and easy to see criterion. Our careers will be considered quite successful if indeed we can periodically climb the higher ladder in the existing career path. Advancing his career can be in an old company, or move to another company or office with a higher position offer.

Ideally, every two or three years, we can experience a promotion. If a person starts working as fresh graduates starting at the age of 24 years, the career path should be as follows: become staff or officer at the age of 24; then became a supervisor at the age of 26; climbed back into an assistant manager at the age of 28, and then become a manager at the age of 30 - 32 years.

If the performance is still good, then he can become a GM at the age of 35 - 36 years. Even if it is a bit late, the maximum age of 45 years should be a GM or VP (or a position above the manager, and one level below the director).

Promotion in rank is crucial, because only with a promotion will our salaries be able to increase significantly.

Success Indicator # 2: SALARY and Bonuses

In the end, for office workers, the size of the element salary x bonus is one of the key indicators of career success. Because we work professionally, not social work.

And as stated above, our salaries will be richer if we get higher in rank. Also, of course, the scale of the business in the office where we work will have a significant impact on the amount of salary we get. If we work at a large and well-known company, then usually our salaries and bonuses will also be great.

For the manager level, ideally, the salary earned can be between Rp. 25 - Rp. 35 million / month, plus bonuses. Then for the GM or VP level, the hope is that the salary can range from IDR 35 - 50 million / month plus bonuses.

Salary ranges of this kind are common in large companies that happen to be clients of my management consulting services.

Success Indicator # 3: Contribution

Our career path will also be considered successful if we can always make a real contribution to the office or company where we work. This valuable contribution will be able to provide “inner satisfaction” for the high-performance managers and employees.

This track of contribution that has a massive impact on the progress of the organization can also encourage the perpetrators to continue to provide their best performance. Because in addition to money and bonuses, we also want to be remembered as strong professional workers who can provide impressive achievements and be proud of.

There is a sense of personal pride that grows if we can make an impressive contribution to the office where we work. This is a very important indicator of success.

Success Indicator # 4: Growing Skills

This success indicator may be more applicable to young office workers, or fresh graduates who have just worked.

A career path is said to be successful if, in a series of processes, we feel that our skills and competencies can continue to grow. Conversely, our career journey will become dark when at work we feel our skills are stuck and stagnant, going nowhere.

That's why it's sometimes so important to find a workplace where you can continue to learn to develop your skills, even if the salary isn't that satisfying.

I used to work for a consulting firm, with a rather disappointing salary. But I persisted because I felt that the knowledge and skills I learned while working at this company were very expensive (maybe even more valuable than the knowledge that I got while studying undergraduate and postgraduate degrees).

Finally, with the valuable skills I learned while working at the company, I was able to resign and set up a company in the same field, namely a management consulting service business.

So try to be able to work in a place that can continue to provide new challenges, and make your skills continue to grow with joy.

Success Indicator # 5: Work-Life Balance

This is also a crucial indicator. Instead of a high salary but working overtime continuously and always coming home at 9 pm, it would be better if the salary is 20% lower but can come home at 16.30 in the afternoon

Our mental health is very important. If every day we are forced to undergo a "toxic culture" (one of which is the strange habit of coming home from work at 9 pm; or being in contact even after the weekend), our mental and mental health will be affected. And in the long run, this will be bad for our physical health too.

Btw, coming home from work at 9 pm is not a sign of being productive, but a sign of bad time management and an inefficient work system (a dark irony in the fully automated digital era). And studies show that working long hours makes us less productive.

Life is too short, man. Life is not just an office and works affair. There is a time for us to take a break, and think about something beyond the work office. Because when we can knit an optimal work-life balance, our careers will be even more successful in the future.

Five indicators are worth observing for assessing a person's career success. These five indicators are:

  1. Job Level
  2. Salary x Bonus
  3. Contribution Level
  4. Growing Skills
  5. Work-Life Balance

Hopefully, you can find the five brilliantly, so that your career path will be bright and balanced with your personal life.