20 Best and Fastest Android Application to Make Money Online

Money-making android applications are platforms that you can use to get rewards. But, everything is not as constant as you might think,to get money

20 Best and Fastest Android Application to Make Money Online

Money-making android applications are platforms that you can use to get rewards. But, everything is not as constant as you might think because how to get money from this APP has conditions.

The requirements for playing the money-making android application are filling out surveys, watching ads until they run out, downloading applications, and playing a game.

When you complete these tasks, the developer will reward you in the form of coins or points.

Furthermore, you can exchange these points into dollars if they meet the minimum exchange limit.

Exchange can be made using a virtual payment account such as PayPal or Amazon Gift Card. Apart from points, these rewards can be in the form of shopping/restaurant vouchers, cash, or various others.

In its application, such a money-making Android application seems to be very suitable for those of you who like to hold a cellphone all day. Moreover, the money generated can be an addition to your monthly income.

 20 Choices of Make Money by Android Applications

What are you waiting for, let's review one by one all the applications that are guaranteed to be a moneymaker for you in 2021?

 1. Grab Points

How do you make money on this Android application?

You only need to complete tasks like filling out surveys and watching videos to earn points.

Points can then be exchanged into dollars. So the more points you collect, the more dollars you will get.

This money-making Android application will also give you points if you succeed in getting your friends to download it.

If the number of points earned by inviting a friend has accumulated 100 points, a 50 point bonus prize awaits you.

Apart from being in dollars, points can also be converted into payment account balances, Amazon, BestBuy, Starbucks, Walmart, PayPal, and many more.

However, it will take about 72 hours to convert from the time you redeem the points.

 2. Cash Gift

Just like Grab Points, how to get money from the Cash Gift app only requires you to do the available tasks.

The job is the same, filling out surveys and watching video advertisements. After completing the task, you will get different points for each task.

This money-making application requires you to collect 1,000 points to be able to exchange it for 1 dollar.

To be able to withdraw dollars you can use several virtual payment systems such as Amazon Gift Card and PayPal.

The withdrawal process is considered faster and doesn't require a lot of money, at least you have a minimum balance of 3 dollars or 3,000 points.

3. Google application that makes money, Google Opinion Reward

This money-making application was launched directly by Google. Through Google Opinion Rewards, users must fill in available survey questions.

The questions that were asked were very simple, such as about your travel plans, or comparing the two most interesting logos.

To be able to get points, you cannot fill in survey questions carelessly, because later there will be validation from Google. When the validation is complete, then you are entitled to get points that can be exchanged for dollars.

But, don't expect you to get points every day from this application. The reason is, the surveys they provide don't exist every day, so you have to be patient to wait.

4. Showbox

Unlike the previous three applications, this money-making application doesn't tell you to fill out surveys.

Showbox has its way of providing additional income for its users, namely by playing games. Who doesn't like playing games, especially if you get paid?

By playing selected games on Showbox, you will get around 30-500 points.

Every 1,000 points you have, can be exchanged for 1 dollar. But the minimum withdrawal must be 5 dollars, meaning you must have 5,000 points and can only be withdrawn via Paypal.

If you feel that the game is not enough, Showbox also provides video content that you can watch to increase the number of points.


5. Whaff Rewards

This money-making application that has been active since 2019 and proven to be able to pay free rupiahs is one of the most popular.


Viewed on Google Play, Whaff Rewards has been downloaded by more than 10 million people.

Unlike how to get money from other apps, Whaff does not use a point system, but prizes are given in direct dollars. For each task completed the reward varies from $ 0.1 to $ 1.

The job is not to fill out surveys or play games, but you are required to download applications on Whaff and then play them. So it is more like a means to promote the application only.

The money you get can be disbursed to Paypal or converted into credit to the user's provider.

6. Cash for Apps

Cash for Apps is a money-making application with the same working system as Whaff Rewards. So users will be asked to download and run the applications they recommend.

After this is done, you will get points which can then be exchanged for dollars. The points earned from one download are between 50 and 400 points.

But unlike other money-making applications that require you to collect 1,000 points for 1 dollar, Cash for Apps only requires 300 points for 1 dollar.

To exchange these points for cash, you can use a Paypal account. Can also be exchanged into virtual payment balances such as Google Play, Amazon, and iTunes.


7. Foap

For photography activists, this is an application that makes money for you. This application called Foap allows you to sell your photography work.

The better the photo, the bigger the fee. Each work will be priced starting from US $ 5 or Rp.70 thousand.

Not bad for adding pocket money. Instead of the photo is only exhibited on Instagram, it's better to just sell it. But, also make sure that the photo is original and doesn't belong to someone else's copyright.

Judging from the official website. 

The Foap money-making website has partnerships with world-class well-known brands such as Nivea, Volvo, Heineken, and Kraft Heinz. So chances are the photos that are sold will be distributed to Foap partners.

Not only that, but this money-making application also distributes selected photos of them to one of the largest photo data websites such as Getty Images.


8. Gift Wallet

Gift Wallet is also on the list of best-selling money-making apps. Before getting money, you have to collect as many coins as possible.

In this application, there are two ways to earn coins, play available games, and watch ad videos.

For games, you will usually get 5 coins. You can also earn additional coins by recommending Gift Wallet to social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

But there is a maximum limit, which is 90 coins a day, and the minimum withdrawal is 1,510 coins which are worth 2 dollars. The withdrawal system must use a Paypal account.



If you like reading, whether it's news or articles, then this app is the perfect fit. In simple terms, BACA PLUS as the most money-making application will give you a fee if you read the articles or news that are featured in the article. You will also get rewards for certain missions.

Peek from the description of application downloads on Playstore, BACA PLUS uses the slogan "Read the latest news and collect balance every day".

The statement also states that this application provides news from more than 250 reliable sources and a variety of news updates every day. Even this application claims the information presented is always up to date.

10. appKarma Rewards & Gift Cards

Just like any other money-making application, the concept is that the user has to complete some 'tasks'.

In the app description, the Karma Rewards & Gift Cards app bears the slogan 'Get a gift cards by playing with apps and watching app trailers.

So obviously not, you can collect rewards by playing and watching app trailers.

11. CashPop

With the capital of a cellphone and internet network, you can use this money-making application to get profits. In the application description on Playstore, it is stated that reward points can be obtained for all activities on your cellphone.

You can get a reward points just by chatting, browsing, listening to music, playing games, opening social media, or watching videos on your cellphone.

These rewards points can be exchanged for pulses, data quotas, digital wallets, vouchers (games, food, drinks, or shopping), to movie tickets.

How can CashPop give rewards points? Because this applicator has worked with several sponsors.

12. WhatsAround

Do you like to capture moments when traveling? Then this application will be suitable for you. With this application, you can exist and make money. But to get points, your photo has to compete with the uploads of other users.

In the description of the application on Playstore, it is stated that WhatsAround users must get 'WoW' by fulfilling daily shooting challenges.

For example, today's best Earth shot, today's best selfie shot, today's best video log, and other challenges.

13. Money Cube

The money-making application that has been around since 2019 and is proven to pay further is Money Cube, an application that can give you money for free via a PayPal account.

To get rewards, you have to collect as many "clicks" as possible. Later, the rewards that you can use through your PayPal account.

Now, the "click" will be converted into a money cube. The Money Cube that has been collected can be cracked and contains real money that can be withdrawn to your PayPal account.

 14. Make Money

In the description of the application on Playstore, Make Money uses the slogan "Making money applications. Earn money for trying free apps and games. 100 percent free! ”.


Pretty interesting, right?

The tasks that you have to do are almost the same as other money-making applications, such as filling out surveys and watching videos. Rewards that you can convert via PayPal.

15. Cashzine

This money-making application without PayPal rewards users who read and share news or articles from these dollar-earning apps.

In a description posted on Playstore, Cahszine is said to be a free application designed for mobile users to read news, perform tasks, and earn cash.

The rewards withdrawal option doesn't have to use PayPal, just a bank account.

16. Earn Money - Videos & Apps

As the name suggests, the way to earn rewards is by completing a video viewing task. For example, for 0.1 US dollar rewards, you can simply watch the video for more then 40 seconds and give likes.

17. Money App

Of the many applications that can help you earn extra money, Money App is the only money-making android application for 2019 that is still popular until 2020 now.

How does it work? Similar to most money-making applications, you have to complete tasks such as watching videos.

In the information on Playstore, it is explained that this Money App requires users to watch videos, fill out surveys, play free games, test services, and even provide opinions.

18. BuzzBreak

This application is suitable for those of you who like to read. Quoted from the applicator's explanation on Playstore, BuzzBreak is a news application that displays popular news on the internet. You can get points in exchange for cash.

Payments that are obtained can be exchanged via PayPal or other payment methods.

19. Champcash

This application is perhaps more challenging than other money-making applications. You have to complete some tasks given by the application.

To get more rewards, you also have to invite lots of your friends to join.

In his explanation on Playstore, it was stated that this digital application from India requires users to fill out surveys, play games, and other tasks. The fee you get can be used on Amazon.

20. Supervank

Slightly different from other money-making applications, with Supervank you are invited to invest. You can have the opportunity to get EC for free.

In the description on the Playstore, it says "Get EC, and invest assessed all the companies listed around the world through the unique SuperVank system at any time with the EC you have earned."

Making Money by Game Application

Especially for those of you who claim to be gamers, there are also some games that you can download and play on your cellphone while earning rewards. Here are the options.

  • Market Glory (downloaded 100 thousand +, rating 3.3 / 5)
  • RO: Idle Poring (1 million + downloads, 4.1 / 5 rating)
  • Ayodance Mobile (1 million + downloads, 3.5 / 5 rating)
  • Golden Trowns
  • DOTA 2
  • Lineage 2 Revolution (5 million + downloads, 4.0 / 5 rating)
  • Entropia Universe
  • Oh Crop
  • EVE Online
  • Exodus 3000
Those are 20 money-making android applications, some of which have been around since 2019 and have been proven to pay, and money-making game applications that can be downloaded on your smartphone.

Instead of holding your cellphone all day just to watch social media, it's better to just apply how to get money from the apps above. Not bad for increasing your pocket money, right?

If you are diligent in carrying out the tasks given in the money-making application, surely the income you get will also increase.

But, because it is extra money, you must stay focused on the main job that generates a steady monthly income.

Unless you want to take this field seriously and make it your main source of income.

Even so, it's best not to make the above money-making apps your main source of income, it's highly discouraging. It is better if an application like this is only used as an additional source