12 Best Ways to Keep the Spirit of Blogging on Fire

If you don't overcome this demotivation, sooner or later your dream of becoming a successful blogger will fall apart. The good news is, it's never to
12 Best Ways to Keep the Spirit of Blogging on Fire

Are you starting to lose your enthusiasm for blogging?
If you don't overcome this demotivation, sooner or later your dream of becoming a successful blogger will fall apart.

The good news is, it's never too late to get your blogging spirit back.
Here are 12 ways you need to do this to keep your blogging spirit burning.

1. Set The Blogging Goals

The first way is to set your blogging goals. This goal will make you excited about blogging because there is something that you will achieve.

To create your blogging goals, apply the SMART goals principle:
  • Specific (specific)
  • Measurable
  • Attainable (can be achieved)
  • Relevant (relevant)
  • Time-Bound (there is a time limit)
An example is publishing 12 pieces of content per month or increasing AdSense revenue by 30% from last year.

Then write down the goals in your notebook, laptop, or cellphone so you don't forget them.
I have set Nadya.website goals. Both long, medium, and short-term goals. I wrote these goals in Google Docs.

Here's an example of my short-term goals on Nadya.website:
  • January - March 2021: Publish the first 10 contents
  • April - June 2021: Receive first 100 email subscribers
  • July - September 2021: Release of first printed book on hiring freelance writers
  • October - December 2021: Released first online course on content writing

2. Perform Visualizations and Affirmations

After setting goals and writing them down, then do visualization and affirmations regularly.
Visualization is imagining as if you have achieved that goal. Meanwhile, affirmation is stating sincerely that you can achieve these goals.

Why do visualizations and affirmations increase the spirit of blogging?
Because visualization and affirmations will program your subconscious mind with positive things. This way, your conscious thoughts, and actions will be positive too.

I often imagine when I reach my goals. I do it when I go to sleep at night.
For example, I imagined when I released my first book. I promote it to my e-mail subscribers, view the buyer's proof of transfer, and send the book to the buyer's address.

Then I do affirmations by asking myself, "Can I make it happen?". I said, "Yes, I can make it happen."

3. Create a Daily Blogging To-Do List

The daily blog to-do list is a list of tasks related to blogging goals that you must complete in one day.
By creating a daily to-do list blogging, you know what to do on the day.

This will boost your blogging enthusiasm as you are on the right track towards your blogging goals.

To make an effective daily to-do list, do the following:
  • Create a monthly action plan
  • Select 3 tasks for one day
  • Cross out the work you have already completed
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4. Celebrate The Small Wins

The next way to keep the spirit of blogging burning is to celebrate your small wins.
Small wins are your small accomplishments about blogging goals. For example, let's say your blog is accepted by Google AdSense.

Little win celebrations will keep your blogging spirit alive. Why?

Because you reward yourself. Plus, you're one step closer to achieving your big goal.
To celebrate small wins, you can do the following:
  • Update social media status that you have achieved your monthly goal
  • Buy clothes or favorite foods
  • Watch favorite movies
  • Eating with friends or family
  • Visiting tourist attractions
I love to celebrate small victories. For example, when I was able to publish the first 3 contents of Nadya.website, I bought my friends some coffee.

Yes, I have to spend money. However, my friends are grateful and wish me a lot of good fortune.

5. Avoid Toxic Content

Toxic content is content that is of no use to your blogging journey. For example hate speech, hoaxes, hints, provocation, and the like.

You should avoid such content. The reason is, toxic content gives you negative emotions such as anger, sadness, and disappointment which will erode your blogging enthusiasm and fighting power.

To avoid toxic content, you can do the following:
  • Leave useless groups
  • Unfollow or unfriend cynical friends
  • Watch educational YouTube channels (eg Teds Talk)

6. Don't Overthink

Overthinking is overthinking things. The causes can be trivial problems, worry about something, to trauma in the past.
This overthinking is not good because:
  • Wasting time
  • Inhibits activity
  • Lowers motivation
  • Makes emotions unstable
  • Adversely affects physical and mental health
So as not to overthink, just practice the slogan and do it and see what happens.
For example, you may think too much when sharing your blog content on Facebook and WhatsApp groups.

Perhaps you feel insecure about your writing. Or, you are embarrassed by caressing.
Instead of thinking mostly like that, just share your blog content on Facebook and the WhatsApp group and see what happens.

Another way to avoid overthinking is to focus on one goal at a time. For example, you should focus on the goals for the week and don't care about the goals for the next week.

7. Confront Fear

Fear is not having the courage or feeling afraid to do something that is considered to bring trouble, loss, or suffering.

For example, fear of failure, fear of not selling, fear of adding jobs, fear of competing, and so on.
You should not avoid such fear. If you avoid it, it will continue to haunt you.

So, just face the fear. Even if the results don't match your expectations, take a valuable lesson and then move on.

As an ordinary person, I was afraid that my first book would not sell. However, I fought that fear.
You do this by asking yourself, "What's the worst thing that will happen if my first book doesn't sell?"

My answer is this:
If I print 100 books for 2$ per book, at most I will lose $200. It doesn't matter because I managed to get my first printed book to work.

Not only that, but I also have new experiences in designing book covers, making book layouts, and getting good book printing services.

And last but not least, if my book doesn't sell well, I will give it to some friends as a giveaway to strengthen my friendship.

By asking and answering questions like that, thank God I am no longer afraid to release my first book.

8. Join the Blogger Community

Feeling struggling alone is one of the causes of loss of motivation to blog. Therefore, you need to join the blogger community.

Other benefits of joining the blogger community are:
  • Get content ideas
  • Obtain new information related to blogging
  • Add friend
  • Getting a job
  • Coffee together
It is not difficult to find a blogger community. You can search for it on Google, Facebook, and Instagram.

For example, on Google, you would type in the female blogger community, the Miami blogger community, the NYC food blogger community, and others.

I joined the Blogger NYC female Blogger community. 

I have been a speaker at the community blog clinic three times.

10. Find Inspiration from Successful Bloggers

Successful bloggers are those who have proven successful in managing their blogs in the long run.
Not only do they earn good money, but they are also dedicated to publishing quality content consistently.

Therefore, seek inspiration from your favorite successful bloggers. Not only that, but their success has a pattern that you can follow.

That way, you can follow the pattern. You don't have to guess anymore so that your blogging enthusiasm is maintained.

To get inspiration from successful bloggers, you can read the content regularly. You can also buy their product or service so that you have direct access to questions.

I also often seek inspiration from my favorite successful bloggers. They include:
  • Pat Flynn
  • Darren Rowse
  • Neil Patel
  • Brian Dean
  • Spencer Haws
  • Meera Kothand

11. Enjoy Your Blogging Journey

Making lots of money from blogs is a process. Therefore, enjoy your blogging journey.
By enjoying it, you will avoid stress. Besides, you will also remain enthusiastic because blogging is not just looking for money.

To enjoy the blogging journey, have a growth mindset. A growth mindset is a mindset that focuses on developing personal skills.

People with a growth mindset will focus on solutions when problems strike. Conversely, people with a fixed mindset will easily give up facing problems.

For example, if you haven't made good progress on your blog, find out what the root problem is. Is the quality of your blog content that is not good? Or are you the one who can't manage time?

After that, look for several solution options and try one option first. If it doesn't work, try other options.

12. Ask God for Help

Lastly and most importantly, ask God for help if you feel that your blogging trip is tough.
By asking God for help, you will feel confident and energized again because God is all things.

For example, if you are Muslim, you can pray after prayer 5 times so that Allah SWT will give you convenience in blogging.


Here are 12 ways to keep the blogging spirit burning. Hopefully, it helps you to restore the fading spirit of blogging.

If there's anything you don't understand, let me know in the comments section.