6 Easy Ways to Speed your Slow Android Smartphone (Do it Now)

The smartphone is need to be maintenanced regulary, if you don't want it coming to slow. Here is the way you can improve the speed of your Android

How to speed up slow android smartphone
Today we live in an era where almost 80% of the population cannot imagine their day without a smartphone.

We all boast of fancy, appealing, and complex phones, which let you do multiple things at one instance- from checking mail to surfing the web and photography that too at one device.

But, as soon as time passes; you notice that your smart device hangs up, apps take longer to respond, there is slow swapping between the screens; reluctantly, your device becomes slow with time.

Almost of all, we have been at the same place but you need not fret as we have summed up some points to fix your slow Android device.

Here are the 6 Ways to Fix a Slow Android Phone:

These points are not very difficult to perform. All you need is to be smart like your smartphone and remove some unnecessary items- cache, maybe!

These points are not very difficult to perform. All you need is to be smart like your smartphone and remove some unnecessary items- cache, maybe!

1. Say Goodbye to all the Trash Apps

Well, we are all guilty of downloading unnecessary apps on our devices just for a single. And, after the work is completed; these apps sit on our devices and use memory blocks, CPU usage, and other background services.

Overall making your device slow!

If there are applications in your device, which are no longer use; press the delete button for them and free some of the memory blocks to fasten up the speed.

Did not take much time? Well, take a sneak again and make sure that there are no apps, which are of no use to you.

2. Say “no” to the Live Wallpaper

Though, live wallpapers, animations add to the aesthetic appeal of your device but do you know, that they take up a complete part of your processing power making your device slow.

This is the other thing that you can perform for increasing the speed of your device.

Go to settings and disable the animation or live wallpaper, which will seamlessly increase the performance of your smartphone.

3. Clear the Cache Data

The applications in your phone keep on caching the small chunks of data while performing their functions.

But, if you see that your device has low storage, then removing the cached data might help in increasing the efficiency of your device.

Go to settings of your phone — Tap storage – Tap on the cached data and clear it!

4. Reduce or Delete Extra widgets on your Home Screen

We all binge on the widgets on the home screens of our mobile phone as they let us use the application like a child’s play. Using widgets on the screen saves you time but takes upon the speed leading to the slow utility.

So, if your phone has slowed down; simply remove the widgets from your screen.

5. Keep your Operating System updated

There are regular updates, which come up with various bug fixes, issues, and performance.

It is very important to keep your device updated with the latest updates, which will help you eradicate the issues that you are facing. Also, the updated versions will protect your device from viral bugs and also gives an exceptional result.

6. Get an Ad Blocker Installed on your Device

Know what you don’t know!

While we surf the Internet, we see plenty of advertisements popping up, which takes up lots of resources of your device.

Also, they take upon the whole of mobile data usage too! There are not many options available for blocking the ads but to keep your app’s ad free, install the Adblock browser.

Last but not the least; get a custom ROM for your phone to increase the performance of your device. It won’t bring your phone to the new working condition but will surely improve its speed.


These tips will surely increase the speed of your mobile phone but in case, if you want to upgrade your smartphone – Be smart and Go ahead!